Trade Policy

We are always accepting books!  Please make sure your bag/box has your name and phone number clearly visible on a slip of paper or on the bag itself.     

The Book Rack takes in gently used books for store credit valued at up to 1/4 of the original cover price.

Store Credit can be used for up to 50% off your used books, up to 20% off your new books and 10% off Merchandise such as bookmarks and book lights.

Have a lot of books? If you have more than 1 box, or 2 bags of books, please call. 781-646-2665

Some specifics on how we give credit for trades:

Most fiction paperbacks will receive ¼ cover price in credit with a minimum of $1.00

We take some Hardcovers especially those not yet out in paperback. They will be priced between $5 and $20 and will earn credit equal to half our selling price.

All children’s PICTURE books (hard or paper) will earn $1 in credit regardless of our selling price.

Cash-in – Turn your used book credit into Good-as-cash Credit or Gift Certificates:

At any time you can redeem $50 of credit for a $10 gift certificate.  We recognize that some people bring in more books than they take out, and here’s a way to truly get FREE books, or give a great gift to a friend.

We’re always accepting books, and we like large trades too.  We ask that you avoid bringing in large trades on Wednesday afternoons since it conflicts with our new book deliveries.  Also, because Saturdays are so busy, we can provide better and faster trade processing on other days.

Guidelines for what we accept:

We take paperback fiction of all genres as well as Science, Biography, Hobby books, Cook Books, History, Sports, Psychology and other general interest topics. We do not accept text books or dated material such as travel guides. We accept some hardcovers, including books released within the past year, books currently on school reading lists, recent non-fiction and other hot sellers, subject to our discretion. We reserve the right to refuse any book at any time due to overstock or condition.

A note on condition: We cannot accept paperbacks without covers. We also cannot take damaged or mildewed books. If you wouldn’t loan the book to a friend in the condition it’s in, we probably cannot accept it.

For books we cannot accept for credit, you can take them back, or we will do our best to donate as much as possible.

A sample purchase:

Reggie Reader has $20 in store credit
He buys a brand new book with a cover price of $25, and a used book with an original cover price of $10 (Book Rack price $5)

Item Our Price You Pay
New Book $25
-$5 credit $20.00
Used PB $5
-$2.50 credit $2.50
(on total)
Total Due = $24.37
(payable with cash, CC, check or gift cert)

$7.50 credit used, so Reggie has $12.50 in credit remaining

Feel free to email or ask at the desk if you have any questions.